The Academy Of Visual Arts


Pavlina Alea

Art and Graphic Arts Teacher, Graphics Academy Lead Teacher

Academy Students are involved in the Art South Service Learning Project, and share their new knowledge with the community. Check out our Flip book!




Students are expected to dress in an appropriate manner for attending school by wearing their school uniforms on a daily basis. Students and parents will receive information regarding the Corporate Academy South dress code, scheduled to be continued during the 2007-2008 school year. Gentlemen are expected to wear a belt. Baggy pants may not be worn. Undergarments are meant to be worn out of sight. Flip flops, slippers, pajamas, and hats are inappropriate for school. Designer contacts, removable gold teeth, and chains may not be worn. Students will be referred to the administration if dressed inappropriately and parent contact will be made. Electronic devices such as pagers, headphones, cellular phones, and radios/CD players may not be seen and/or used on campus, uncluding during lunch and on the buses. All MDCPS dress code regulations must also be followed.

If there is an emergency parents may phone our office. Students may also use the main office phone in case of an emergency.


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